What Elon Musk taught me about my spiritual life

Today my interest in Elon Musk was piqued after my spiritual father mentioned that Musk planned on putting one million people on Mars by 2050. So I thought let me take a look at a man who thought such things possible and was investing money in doing so.

Elon Musk, a CENTIbilionaire and the CEO of Tesla electric car company and SpaceX a spacecraft manufacturing, space exploration, and space travel company is an individual with Asburgers with less than unusual goals and plans. Despite all odds, he has made some of these such ideas into reality and experienced great success in his chosen field. I wanted to know what brought on that success… So, I looked at the interviews and was surprised to find I could take away life lessons and pro tips on success in my walk in Christ.

Here’s what I took away:

1.) If you have a passion you will let it consume every waking second.

Our passion really needs to be over the top. If we plan on bringing something new or the “greater things” (John 14:12) Christ was talking about, we need to be consumed with Him, with everything about Him. We need to be on our face seeking Him every day. I want my passion to return for Christ -more of it – and this verse comes to mind- “consider how far [we] have fallen! Repent and do the things [we] did at first.” (revelations 2:5). This is to return to our first love, that is return to the passion we had when we first came to Jesus. This is the way.

2.) Passion knows no obstacles.

When faced with obstacles passion steamrolls through them. We need to count the cost of what our pursuit will cost us. And it needs to be everything. When Musk started his business he gave it a ten percent chance of succeeding, but he was committed to the project. So when he was on the brink of bankruptcy, he said he spent up to 22 hours a day working on his company. He was willing to do whatever it takes to keep his vision alive. I’m not saying this is the right thing to do but we can learn to invest physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally everything in our pursuit of God. We don’t want to get halfway through our walk, stop, and be laughed at for not making it all the way. We need to set in our minds that we are willing to give it all.

3.) Don’t be afraid of failure.

Elon Musk said he accepts the chances of failure when he goes into projects and if you don’t make failure an option you will never take risks. That stuck out to me. I know when I go evangelizing and affirming souls I keep it safe. I don’t set goals in how many people I want to bring to church because I don’t want to fail. But more and more I realize I need a vision and mission. With making failure an option I see I can shoot for the moon and still land among the stars.

4.) He treats his projects as his children.

I need to take care of my blog, my goals, and ambitions as I would my children. I had to take a step back and ask the Lord if this blog was His will. When He gave me the approval I knew I would need to take care of it as if He himself was reading it. We got to make sure it honors Him and that we steward our gift and platform well. Because at the end of the day it’s for His glory.

5.) He creates the best work that people would not ‘like’ but ‘love’.

He says that if people love (vs. like) something it becomes a topic of discussion and the object will be spread around through word of mouth. Genius! That is how Tesla, without any advertisement, became a household name. I want there to be a Spirit of excellence (not perfection – I can toe the line) in the things I create. To generate it from the heart. As if for God, and not man.

6.) Don’t compare with what anyone else doing.

Musk’s goal in creating Tesla was to create the best work he could, not better than what other people were doing. He was challenging himself and his ingenuity to create the best possible product. So, push your creativity and mind to its limits to see what you are capable of. It’s ok to get inspiration from other people but never compare yourself to them. I know this can be tough for me but we were not created to be copies of people but originals. Your purpose and gifting will never be exactly like anyone else’s.

7.) He always asked for constructive criticism.

He wanted to create something people would love so, he made it a point to ask people to tell him what they didn’t like about his product. We need not be afraid of criticisms. It only makes us better. We can’t take it personally, we have to be objective about the things that people are criticizing and allow it to influence our opinion.

8.) Believe in yourself.

Nearly everyone Musk talked to dissuaded him from starting his businesses. All the experts were against it. However, he still went full steam ahead and he succeeded in creating a competitive electric car and pursuing reusable spacecrafts. He asked for advice but let himself have the last word. We need to realize not everyone is going to like what we do. But if we hold true to our vision and mission with the purest intentions we can shed light on the area we have authority over. I know I don’t always share the greatest confidence and enthusiasm in my ideas. I have learned your “why” can be a great driving force in pursuing them.

Those are just some of the lessons I learned from this pioneer. It is all really made possible first at the feet of Jesus. when we’re in hot pursuit. When we behold Him we become as He is and take on His characteristics.

Be blessed, gentle reader. I hope this has inspired you to pursue greater things in your life. I, for one, am on the way to creating my vision and mission in my purpose in God. Take your first step. 

The key to developing a habit: start small…

Today I went to the gym again. I am so proud of myself, it is the fifth week in a row! It felt good! I have never been as consistent as I recently have been in all my life, bar when I train for races so this is a huge achievement for me.

I know the secret to my success is I made small manageable goals for myself. Usually, Lord knows, I would try to get to my final destination overnight and try to maintain it by sheer will power. For ten years I would go on “no indulgence” fasts where I would forsake everything that gave me pleasure so I can be focused on work and habits I wanted to cultivate. Literally every second telling myself don’t indulge in T.V., unhealthy food, social media to change overnight. I thought if I was motivated enough I can do away with my bad habits in one fell swoop.

Until I asked the Lord for a sign. My therapist was telling me to make small goals but I didn’t trust it. I thought it was being weak or something. So I asked Jesus if I should do it all at once or in small goals. I had such an expectation that He would answer. And the next day I saw an email about habits from the bible app talking about how they are made a small goal at a time. I knew it was the Lord.

But still I didn’t follow through. I stopped doing the fasts but I still was making big goals. Until I made this small, manageable goal. I decided one day out of the week I go to the gym for weight-lifting and I would sometimes add another day of walking. It felt meager at the time but I had motivation to change my bad posture and I wanted something that I can manage telling myself any strength work would be an improvement. It has turned out for the good so far because I have found that the criticism and negativity that comes with not meeting a goal too large is all but gone and will hopefully continue this way. I used to get so upset about quitting my goal but now I feel so encouraged that I want to see if I can keep an exercise routine for a whole year! I guess, sometimes we have to erode away at our bad habits over time. With small changes. small changes. until we get the whole pie.

With exercise we tend to want to make changes in the short range to achieve a goal and quit when we’re done but we should be adapting to a new way of living that we can foresee carrying on. It should integrate into our way of living. Thats the only way we will be successful. I see the adage that “its not a diet, its a lifestyle change” working out in my life.

Now I know it was pride telling me I had to make my changes overnight for it to be an achievement. Its bragging rights, its highlighting MY strength. None of that is good. I know now we must be humble and take accounts of what we are able to do and let our goals be informed by it. I still believe changes can happen overnight but “not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord.”. (Zachariah 4:6)

Now I want to expand my goals to my eating. I’m hoping to reduce my portion and not eat junk food as my meal. I have a goal of losing 10 pounds this year. I feel like this is a practical goal and will hopefully help me get fit and closer to the healthy body I want.

Putting my hands to the Plow again

I was so frustrated yesterday but I still pushed myself to Evangelize. I still pushed myself to fast for the Evangelism (social media, but – still – it was hard). Because of my current state of being with my frustrations I was attacked with questions in my head like – how do you Evangelize when things are going wrong, but like my sister said the enemy will say anything to keep me away from the harvest – its because there is a great harvest awaiting.

Recently I had been convicted by the fact that those who put their hands to the plow are not worthy of Jesus if they turn back. I had put my hands to the plow a couple years ago, intensely Evangelizing, but I stopped. My discouragement, weariness and covid-19 all got in the way but thats no excuse. I had to plow forward. I had lost my first love (a story for another day). So I repented and now that I’m vaccinated and most people who want to be are vaccinated and feel comfortable stopping, I said I got to get myself to the streets and PLOW. People are waiting for me. I hope I do it three days a week like I planned.

When I got to the streets, everything flowed! People were kind and stopping. I think its because of our fasting!! I’m finding more and more that fasting makes a huge difference in your efforts and I’m falling in love with it again. I prayed with a couple people and encouraged their walk. I was praying for one guy and I really wanted to prophesy and I was straining to hear from the Spirit. When He told me He loved Christ with conviction I thought this is a seasoned Christian I probably don’t have anything to give in prophesy and I didn’t put a high demand on God to give me a prophetic word. So, while praying I stopped in the middle of my prophesy, exasperated, and just asked ‘is there anything you need prayer for?’ And he said all that you said -everything – was EXACTLY what I needed to hear with such conviction, I was surprised. I was like ‘wow, God didn’t fail me!’ I thought I was getting the prophesy wrong because he didn’t seem like the type of person but thats when your prophesies are most accurate- they assault your senses and what you perceive about the person. It wasn’t the most risky prophesy but I know I will get better. I want to encourage people so bad ^.^

By the end of the Evangelism, we had prayed for the sick, the discouraged the weary and I was feeling so good. This is one thing that I’ve noticed about Evangelism, no matter how you’re feeling, no matter what you are going through, it has the power to shift your mood. It will bring such joy to you. Even though my phone stopped working randomly in the middle of the outing (I didn’t drop it or anything, I know it is a counterattack from the enemy) I was filled with so much joy. Working for the Lord brings good health!! (Exodus 23:25)

Yesterday was a success and I hope we’ll get out there again Saturday. It was amazing and I want to build the body of Christ more. We go from glory to glory so I hope to see greater things!

So, be encouraged, be blessed brothers and sisters. The enemy may prowl around LIKE a lion, looking to whom he may devour but our faith will win the victory.

Until next time, continue to destroy the works of the enemy!

Frustration in Seeking the Lord

Another day seeking.

(One thing that has stuck out to me this week is about being genuine. Being straight-forward. Sometimes we tend to embellish or make our story sound better than it really is but Jesus doesn’t need our help to make Him look glorious. So my commitment is to transparency and genuineness.)

Lately I have been getting frustrated in my meeting room with Jesus. I cry and say not so nice things to Jesus in frustration. It’s sad. I know the source of my frustration is that I am not spiritually where I used to be and because my memory is still improving I don’t yet remember how I got there before and its causing me frustration because I don’t remember exactly what worked.

I know the strategy is seek Him for only Him, nothing else. But I’m complicating things and I’ve forgotten the simplicity and power of that statement.

I don’t know whats in my heart. I know I want to see the completion of my miracle, I know I want to see significance in my life and get back seven times what the devil stole from me, I know I want to see fame (no matter how much I deny it to myself) but are these the things that I am beholding in the prayer room or is it the King.

I ask the Lord to remove them far from me, strip them away. Thats all I can do. But I don’t know the rest of the battle plan. I know tentatively it is to know Jesus and to be known by Him. I’m going to forge ahead with this battle plan and let it be enough. Not let the anxieties of what if it doesn’t work to get me back to my spirituality get to me because, again, the objective is Him. ❤

The time my strength failed me… (depression)

I remember vividly how I couldn’t even lift a finger if it hadn’t been God’s strength surging through my hand. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. (Isaiah 40:29)He was my push, my reason for tomorrow when I had nothing left. My self-esteem extinguished, my confidence diminished. I was living moment to moment, breath to breath just trying to make it to the next. But God did it. He carried me through it. It felt like He inhabited my body and literally lifted me up moving it. I learned then you truly cannot see His strength until you are made perfectly weak. (2 Corinthians 12:9) And it was truly HIs strength that got me through it.